Chrysler is not entitled to force autopsy of man killed by asbestos, Court rules

In a landmark ruling, a New Jersey court has found that asbestos-manufacturers Chrysler and Honeywell (aka Bendix) are not entitled to force the family of a man killed by asbestos cancer to undergo an autopsy. 

Asbestos manufacturers have often sought to force autopsies, but have had their requests turned down nearly universally because of the right of privacy and religious believes of the deceased and his or her family.  This case was unique as Chrysler appealed the lower court ruling. 

One wonders how much money Chrysler, which has cut over 25,000 jobs in the past two years and struggled with collapsing sales, spent on fighting the plaintiffs' family to force an autopsy…

For a complete report, see:

If you or a loved one is fighting an asbestos diseased, call me at 213-689-3278 to discuss your rights and legal options.

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