California legislature to consider banning all class actions. All.

As their own greed lays them low, AIG and its Wall Street accomplices are scurrying for cover by backing AB 298 (Tran), which would shield them from accountability for their malfeasance and eliminate class action lawsuits in California.

Take action NOW to defeat this assault on consumer rights.

The main backer of AB 298 is the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC), a front group for AIG and large banks which have received billions in taxpayer bail-outs. CJAC also represents oil, tobacco, drug, insurance and auto companies — all of which seek to evade justice by restricting consumers' rights to sue them for their wrongdoing.

This is nothing new for AIG and its former chairman, Hank Greenberg, who have been perhaps the largest funders of the effort to restrict access to federal and state courts, giving $25 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for legal "reform" and to limit regulation.

AB 298 will be heard on Tuesday, March 31st!

Please contact your California Assemblymember RIGHT NOW to defeat this bill.

Thank you!

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One Comment on “California legislature to consider banning all class actions. All.

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