LA Times: Time for City Leaders to “Be Straight” with Angelenos

Today’s Op-Ed by the Los Angeles Times editorial board makes it clear: The City of Los Angeles has duped citizens by promising recycling benefits but failing to disclosed forced price increases of 100, 200, 300 percent and more. Still worse, the City’s plan increases burdens on elderly property owners, small business owners and HOA owners. In its op-ed, the Times notes that the City spent years preparing this system, while at the same time hiding its failure to negotiate the reduced rates it promised. These higher rates are expected not only to impact up to 80,000 businesses, but will hit tenants hard.

On behalf of lead plaintiff the Apartment Owners Association of California, the Shining Law Firm has championed the rights of Angelenos to vote on tax increases negotiated and made in secret.

To read the LA Times op-ed, click here:

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