LA Downtown News: Property Owners Say Cost and Service In New Waste Hauling Program Stinks!

On Monday, October 30, 2017, the Los Angeles Downtown News published a detailed article on how the City of Los Angeles has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled waste hauling costs on commercial property owners. The Shining Law Firm on behalf of the Apartment Owners Association, commercial property owners and their tenants has filed a class action lawsuit demonstrating how the new “recycLA” program is really an illegal tax grab. The lawsuit shows how the City has violated the Right to Vote on Taxes Act which became part of the California Constitution in 1996.

In this article, you can read quotes from property owners both large and small. They describe in their own words how they are being hit hard with surprise rate hikes, newly added on fees, burdensome requirements and a lack of any way to challenge the City’s actions. Who is to blame for the failed implementation of this program? Read and decide for yourself, and contact the Shining Law Firm if you are a witness to the failures of this program and would like to tell your story.

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