Protecting mentally ill minors: a legal roadmap for help?

Many Californians have become overwhelmed or numb at stories of mentally ill persons who become homeless or who cannot get treatment.  One recent case demonstrates a path to how minors may receive help in our system and not be allowed to fall through the cracks.

The case below, In re: Conservatorship of the person M.B., the full resources of Alameda County’s social services network were used to try to assist an admitted severely mentally ill minor.  The minor had literally been hospitalized dozens of time argued that after a few weeks of her most recent stay, due process should allow her to live in a lower level facility than her medical team approved. Whether or not you agree with the result here (and it is always hard to know all the facts from an appellate opinion with a confidential case), we all read about when there is disastrous harm because people fall through the cracks. Maybe in this case a young woman has been given the attention and services to try and help her truly find recovery and stability.

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