Safe Ways Forward for the Entertainment Business: Learn the Rules for the Zoned Approach to Re-entry

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June 17, 2020: On Friday, SAG-AFTRA released an epic document called the “Safe Way Forward” or the “White Paper” whose implications will change the way the entertainment industry works. It has been negotiation in an absolutely incredible amount of time. This document bringing together an astounding level of cooperation between unions, studies and the entire entertainment industry.

Entertainment professionals truly must read this before going back on the set. Some of the massive changes include the create different “zones” on sets, requires PPE in different areas, creates a new health and safety department and staff and extremely stringent cleaning requirements. Visitors are banned. Reception areas placed outside the set and offices — it will be a disinfection area for equipment, etc. Scripts need to be provided in advance to allow for planning. Testing is mandated with different levels of different zones.

The focus of the rules is to stagger personnel for safety. Covid plans need to be prepared in advance.

In addition to the “White Paper”, production crews need to be mindful of a host of brand new requirements and laws. These include Los Angeles County’s separate requirements under “Appendix J” to their “Safer at Home” plan. They also include massive new requirements under the COVID-era emergency packages such as the CARES Act, the “Families First” act, OSHA and CPC guidelines.

It will be important for production crews to work with health professionals and experienced lawyers to work their way through these protocols for the safety of the industry. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the creative community to get back to work. Call the Shining Law Firm to get a free consultation on how you can ensure your business is safe and moving forward.

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